GoInspire has partnered with Tin Leg / SquareMouth to offer you Travel Insurance.

Please read below information about Travelers Insurance. Click here to visit Tin Leg’s website and get a quote. You will be able to compare plans and choose the one that best works for you.

Travel insurance can provide coverage for you if your baggage is lost or delayed, if your flight is delayed, or if you need to cancel your trip. It can also provide coverage in case of a medical emergency while you are away.

GoInspire has partnered with Tin Leg to offer you Travel Insurance. Please note that the insurance comes from the Tin Leg / SquareMouth / a partner company (depending on which plan is purchased). All benefits are subject to plan exclusions; see policy wording for details. Any specific questions regarding coverage should be directed to Tin Leg customer service at 1-844-240-1233.

Many plans do not have an official deadline and can be purchased up until the day before departure. See specific plans for any relevant deadlines. Some plans may not be available or may have restrictions if not purchased within 15 days of your first payment. For example: Cancel for Any Reason plans and pre-existing conditions. Obviously, coverage will only begin once the plan is purchased.

For further information about specific plans, see Tin Leg’s website.

Note: you can change your travel coverage dates and trip cost at a later date, if need be, via Tin Leg’s website or by contacting us.

If you’re not yet sure exactly how much your trip will cost, you can purchase insurance now based on an estimate and then change the trip cost later on.

We recommend doing this if you are nearing the 14 day deadline for Cancel for Any Reason plans and for coverage for pre-existing conditions.

There are many different plans available, we recommend pulling up a quote and choosing the plan that works for you.

Insurance can be purchased online by clicking here, or by calling Tin Leg at 844-240-1233, from 8AM – 10PM ET daily. They will ask you for our agency name which is GoInspire.

The cost of insurance depends on a number of factors. The only accurate way to find out is to get a quote. See “How do I purchase the insurance” above. You can then decide whether or not to purchase it.

If you live in Canada, there may be a few insurance plans available. Unfortunately, as of now none of the plans include coverage for Trip Cancellation. You will need to choose “No” for the question “Should this search include trip cancellation coverage?” in order to view the available plans.

You may also want to look into insurance from Canadian companies, as they may be able to offer more coverage than our US based partners.


Click here to read about Tin Leg’s coverage for COVID-19:

If you are cancelling your trip, the first step is to ask your travel agent to cancel your ticket. If you booked through GoInspire and we are closed, you can call the airline directly to cancel the ticket.

If you have an issue with lost or delayed luggage:

  • Contact Tin Leg to find out how much money you can spend on replacement belongings.
  • Be sure to save all of your receipts, as you will need them for your claim.

To file a claim with Tin Leg, visit and follow the instructions.

If you need any help or have any questions about claims, you can contact Tin Leg customer service at 844-240-1233. 

Tin Leg emergency assistance contact info:

  • For Use With These Policies: Platinum, Basic, Economy, Standard, Luxury, Adventure, USA Only
    • Inside the U.S.: 844-927-9265 (Toll Free)
    • Outside the U.S.: +1-727-264-5657 (Collect Call)
  • For Use With These Policies: Gold, Silver
    • Inside the U.S.: 844-945-1468 (Toll Free)
    • Outside the U.S.: +1 519-945-6028 (Collect Call)

If you purchased a plan from a partner company, click to find their contact information and claim instructions.

Even if your ticket is refundable, we still recommend insurance. That’s because insurance can cover you for the ticket’s cancellation fee (which is usually at least $300) plus your program fees. You can also have coverage for lost/delayed luggage, missed connections, emergency medical care, etc.

Different credit cards offer different levels of insurance. You may want to call them and find out what their coverage includes, and then compare it to the plans Tin Leg offers.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you purchase travel insurance through Tin Leg, you can insure your program fees, in addition to the ticket.

If you have any questions about insurance, feel free to email [email protected] or call us at 845-425-8255. 

Insurance comes from the Tin Leg company or a partner. In order to ensure that you receive the most accurate information, we recommend that any specific questions regarding coverage should be directed to Tin Leg customer service at 844-240-1233. When calling them, they may ask you for our Agency Name, which is GoInspire.