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Your Partner in Creating a Memorable Trip to Israel

Planning a trip to Israel is both exciting and overwhelming. When dealing with large groups, there are additional challenges and complications that may need to be addressed.

This is where GoInspire shines. 

GoInspire has you covered from pre-trip planning, registration, travel, and all logistics in Israel, to post-trip wrap-up. 

GoInspire will focus on all the small details before they become big problems. We have brought over 51,000 people to Israel over the last 30 years and have seen “everything under the sun”. We know what makes a trip successful and about the pitfalls that must be avoided.

Our team of Israel trip experts will walk you through every stage of the process, helping you create a custom trip to bring your vision to reality.

Specializing in Shuls, Youth Organizations, Women’s Trips, and more


A trip to Israel is one of the best ways to unite the members of your shul, foster leadership, and inspire everyone to be more active in their spiritual endeavors. 

Embarking on an Israel trip offers numerous advantages but also demands thorough planning and execution.  

Don’t get bogged down by these aspects of your trip. We can take all the heavy lifting off your plate so you can focus on what matters most: educating, connecting, and building stronger relationships with your congregants.  

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Since the early days before Birthright, Israel trips have been an impactful way to inspire today’s youth and help them become future leaders. 

Youth trips have the unique challenge of creating a fun and relevant trip that provides the right balance of meaning, education, and inspiration.

GoInspire is constantly keeping tabs on what the youth of today are interested in, and new activities in Israel that they will love. 

We have also developed specific protocols throughout the process to help you work with parents to keep them informed, so they feel that their child is safe and secure at all times.

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An all-women’s trip to Israel provides a unique experience that most may only experience once in a lifetime. Women are the backbone of every Jewish family,  which is why an inspirational trip to Israel can be so valuable.

Through our experience working with numerous large women’s groups, GoInspire has developed unique curriculums and a lineup of activities to create engaging and meaningful experiences.  

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A Trip Infused with Meaning


Develop a unique connection to the land of Israel and the Jewish people, and forge a special bond with your group.


Create a new understanding of your heritage, and instill pride in the uniqueness of the Jewish people


Experience personal growth, love, and being a light unto the nations

Why Partner with GoInspire

There are many reasons why some of the largest Jewish organizations around the globe have depended on us for over three decades.


All our trips are organized and executed to the highest professional standards.


We recognize your organization’s goals and will help you achieve them.


GoInspire is “A Jack of all Israel Trips” – trip consultant, facilitator, planner, and tour provider, addressing all the milestones and challenges throughout your journey.


We are there for you from beginning to end – no question is too small.


Our approach is proven to be successful, with over 60 organizational clients and 900 successful trips.

With an impeccable reputation for delivering over-the-top service and a commitment to excellence, GoInspire is the right choice for those seeking a unique and meaningful experience in Israel. 

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The first step is a conversation with one of our planning experts to understand your goals and answer any questions that you might have.  This allows us both to see if Go Inspire is a good fit for your organization. 

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