Founder, CEO

Chanan is a Jewish outreach veteran and serial entrepreneur who has focused on transformational Israel trips for much of his career. As the founding executive director of the Jerusalem Fellowships, a premier leadership and outreach Israel experience for young adults, he has aided in the establishment of numerous campus and community initiatives throughout the world. Chanan has founded and heads a number of innovative organizations including Bizrael, the most popular channel connecting US business students with the Israeli startup scene, and NextDor, an accelerator for social entrepreneurialism in the Jewish community.


Baila’s passion for helping people, and her love of Israel, combine to make her the perfect COO for a company that arranges incomparable transformational trips to Israel. She’s been with the Jerusalem Fellowships – the leading Jewish content Israel program for young adults – since 1992, and with GoInspire since its inception. Baila enjoys playing an integral role in GoInspire’s growth as a worldwide organization.

COO, Israel

Shmuel is the driving force behind the perfect planning and smooth transitions for which GoInspire is renowned. His creativity and industrious focus are evident in each and every program, and he thrives on the process of making it happen.  Shmuel grew up in Montreal, Canada, and subsequently spent a few years in Israel, first studying and then taking the helm of GoInspire Israel as its COO.  Shmuel loves a challenge, and enjoys bringing every detail a customer dreams of together into one seamless, amazing trip.

Travel Coordinator, NY

Cindy has worked at Jerusalem Fellowships and GoInspire since 2005. She is the main contact for our student groups and missions to Israel.  Cindy has been a lifelong passionate advocate for Israel.  She is especially proud that everyone in her family has spent extended time in Israel, and of her son who served in the Israeli Defense Force.  Knowing how inspirational it is to spend time in Israel, she gets much satisfaction from facilitating trips for young adults at this pivotal time of their life.

Office Manager, NY

Born in Talpiot, Israel, Esti moved to New York at the age of two. She grew up here, but still has a few warm memories and a deep love for her birthplace. Esti establishes and manages the systems that keep our office running smoothly, and is also the go-to person to help everyone with their “techy” questions. Esti’s efficiency and joy in helping people make her a great asset to the team. She enjoys her job, working with amazing individuals and knowing that everything she does is affecting people and changing lives.

Trip Coordinator, NY

Penina joined GoInspire in the summer of 2022 as the newest addition to our NY Team.  Highly recommended for her exceptional organizational skills and unwavering commitment to aiding others, Penina comes to us with an impressive track record of making a positive impact in various professional spheres. Her dedication to our mission and vision has already proven to be a tremendous asset. This, combined with her love for Israel, makes this the perfect job for her. We are honored to have Penina as part of the GoInspire family.

Bookings Manager, Israel

Aryeh was born and raised in Israel, after his parents made aliyah from the U.S. He currently lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh with his wife and children. Aryeh loves traveling the country he grew up in, and channels that passion finding the best Israel has to offer. He’s been with GoInspire since 2010 running our bookings department, making sure that program participants enjoy the trip of a lifetime!

Program Manager, Israel

Raizy is originally from New York and moved to Israel in 2004 for “just one year”. That year never ended; she still can’t bring herself to leave. Raizy joined the GoInspire team in 2011 and is the driving force and logistical whiz behind the Momentum trips as well as other GoInspire programs. She uses her creativity and her keen organizational skills to ensure all the trips are planned to perfection.

Regional Manager, Israel

Avi left Silver Spring, MD, after high school to make aliyah to Israel. After learning in yeshiva, serving in the Tank Corp, and earning his BA and MA, Avi assumed a lead role in planning and executing unparalleled trips to Israel.  As a people-person who loves Israel, Avi is uniquely positioned to hold GoInspire to the highest possible standards. He constantly seeks out the newest and most unique programming, enthusiastically striving to offer the very best to our customers.

Reservations Coordinator, Israel

Yael was born in Israel, raised in Ramat Beit Shemesh, and currently resides in Jerusalem with her husband and daughter. She is a passionate member of the GoInspire team since the summer of 2021, and specializes in working with suppliers. With a love for Israel, Yael thrives on organizing smooth trips, creating trip graphics, and connecting with people.

Reservations Coordinator, Israel

Raised in both Ramat Beit Shemesh and sunny California, Tehela has had the privilege of experiencing diverse cultures and landscapes from a young age. After completing her BA degree in Israel, she realized that her true passion lies in exploring new horizons and sharing that passion with others. Joining the GoInspire family in 2023 has been a dream come true for Tehela. She brings her love for travel and keen organizational skills to the team, ensuring that every adventure is well-planned and unforgettable.

Special Projects, Israel

Yocheved’s journey began in Cleveland, but it was in the picturesque community of Chashmonaim that her love for Israel blossomed. Her academic path led her to Michlelet Hadassah in Jerusalem, where she delved into HR and management, refining her skills in these areas. Since joining GoInspire in 2018, Yocheved has become an integral part of the team. Her deep passion for Israel, coupled with her expertise in HR and management, has allowed her to excel in overseeing special projects with precision and dedication, making her an invaluable asset to the company’s success.

Finance Department, Israel

Born and raised in Jerusalem, Shifra joined the GoInspire team in 2007 after studying bookkeeping and accounting. Shifra efficiently and competently manages the finances related to our office in Israel, allowing us to continue servicing all our trips seamlessly.

Hotels Department, Israel

Rachel originates from Miami, FL, and moved to Israel over twenty years ago. Although Rachel is very business oriented, she loves what she does – helping customers find the best accommodations to meet their needs, and offering them unsurpassed service.