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The Jerusalem Fellowships program, and later GoInspire, were the inventors of the original transformational youth-based Israel trips. This model was later followed by Birthright and other organizations
GoInspire has grown and expanded, yet our heart is still where it all began. We take pride in providing the most impactful youth trip experiences available today.  

Your Partner in Creating a Meaningful Israel Experience

There are many moving parts in making a trip to Israel a success. These include designing educational components along with activities and programming that resonate with today’s youth, which can be a challenging task. The only way to truly succeed is through the right partnership. This is where GoInspire shines.
GoInspire has you covered from pre-trip planning, registration, travel, all logistics in Israel, to post-trip wrap-up. Whether your group wants to be inspired by the leading speakers and educators in Jewish heritage, values, and the relevance of Jewish life in this generation, or aim to foster advocacy and understanding of Israel’s conflicts, we have the connections to make it happen.
GoInspire also has an ongoing partnership with Bizrael, the premier business and tech student program, to help you connect with the StartUp nation.
We focus on all the small details so you can focus on education, relationships, and creating a special connection with each of your participants.
Our team of Israel trip experts will walk you through every stage of the process while helping you create a custom trip to bring your vision to reality.

A Trip Infused with Meaning


Develop a unique connection to the land of Israel and the Jewish people, and forge a special bond with your group.


Create a new understanding of your heritage, and instill pride in the uniqueness of the Jewish people


Experience personal growth, love, and being a light unto the nations


Learn about the rich history of the land and its people, and our unique connection to G-d and the Torah. 




Solidify this fantastic experience with awesome sights, activities, and more, that will make Israel dwell in a special place in your heart. 

Why Partner with GoInspire

There are many reasons why some of the largest Jewish organizations around the globe have depended on us for over three decades.


All our trips are organized and executed to the highest professional standards.


We recognize your organization’s goals and will help you achieve them.


GoInspire is “A Jack of all Israel Trips” – trip consultant, facilitator, planner, and tour provider, addressing all the milestones and challenges throughout your journey.


We are there for you from beginning to end – no question is too small.


Our approach is proven to be successful, with over 60 organizational clients and 900 successful trips.

With an impeccable reputation for delivering over-the-top service and a commitment to excellence, GoInspire is the right choice for those seeking a unique and meaningful experience in Israel. 

Organizations We’ve Helped Inspire

What Our Participants Have to Say

Tens of thousands of students and young adults’ lives and careers have been enhanced through GoInspire Israel trips.  
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The first step is a conversation with one of our planning experts to understand your goals and answer any questions that you might have.  This allows us both to see if GoInspire is a good fit for your organization.

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